Short ID seminar for Mechanical Engineers

I will be giving a short Industrial design seminar for mechanical engineers. The company is employed with a lot of engineers. So my task is to make this team of technical guys appreciate ID at the same time, create a process to have them work well with ID.
This will be a hands-on/workshop and lectures which will run for 3 to 4 days.

The first part of the seminar will be lectures, processes and theories of Industrial design.
The other half of the seminar will be hands-on for a particular project by applying the ID theories and practices. By this time, I will be working with a group of mechanical engineers to create a product based from the requirement of the company.

Being an industrial designer for many years now, it will be a high time for me to share my tricks and experience on how we (ID) come up with ideas, CAD surfaces and renderings. But I am limited with my knowledge or ID processes that will be beneficial to the ME teams.

I would like to know anyone from here who already give talks or workshops to ME? Any advise or links that I can use to create something like-a-syllabus. Materials or resources I can use to reference with for the workshops and lectures.

I will be very happy to get any insights from you guys , on how I can tackle the ID workshop seminar effectively. This will be my first time. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

I think you’re more likely to get a warm reception walking into a lion’s den wearing a steak necklace.

Instead of trying to get them to understand how a designer thinks and works, maybe try to get them to understand that they don’t understand.

I know that may read as snark, but I am totally serious. Highlight the differences, not the similarities.

One exercise we did once with a marketing team was to give a group of designers, engineers, and marketers walkie talkies, and a group of everyday objects. The engineers got the objects, and had to describe to the designers in only the broadest functional terms what the object did. Then the designers had to write a paragraph about what the engineers told them, and the marketers had to take that paragraph and draw out what the object was… as hilarious as the results were, I think it was helpful in highlighting how differently the three groups thought.

hahahah but I will think it differently, these are really a new environment… I ‘assume’ that they are open to anything I will be sharing. The fact that their boss invited an ID speaker, they really are interested to understand how we think.

@ yo, I like your inputs there. Highlight the differences, not the similarities.

One of the things (I’m an ME) that I find smooths the workflow is not just being involved early, but understanding what is important to the designer from a geometry standpoint.

In pro|e or SW, it’s history based, so I can build the same geometry a bunch of different ways with the results being flexibility in different directions.

“Do you care about the handle height relative to the platen or the ground?” Is a good example. It simultaneously informs the engineer about design intent while giving them something actionable that they can use to build a stronger model.