Short course in ID outside the US

I’m a fourth year student in industrial engineering. But engineer is not what I like. So, I want to study industrial design in short course before doing the master degree in marketing. Do you think studying ID in short course is enough? Which schools that you recommend (outside the US)? :smiley:

Thanks a lot :smiley:

What is a short course in industrial design?

Have you ever read of a successful well known designer attending one?

What is your goal, to be in marketing or design?

I mean " is there any ID course that can graduate in months (not bachelor or master degree)". Product designer is what I dream for. Marketing is what I’m interested. So, I try to find the way to study both things that I love. I think the marketing can support the designed product and both can go together. My goal is to be the designer that have marketing background.
I want to know that to study ID in months is enough or I better attend the bachelor/master degree. Could you please recommend the schools for me?

The answer to this question is no. If you want to be a designer do the time.


If you have a first degree you could think about a bridge year at a design school to get your portfolio together so you can apply to do a masters degree at, say, the RCA. You’d just have to find a UK school who’d be OK to take you on and assign you a tutor let you float between year groups.

I know people who’ve done this and have been successful.

Thank you so much ^^