Shooting pics with product, yourself or some eye candy?

I’m thinking of returning to a photographer that shot some pictures of my previous work for a competition. He’s local and he does great work. I might be able to get a discount to $50/hr. Anyway, I have a full scale finished prototype I’d like to shoot with a person in the pic. Should I sit in it myself, or should I get an attractive girl to sit in the picture? I know a few that would probably be willing to do that. What would look more appropriate in a student portfolio? I plan on using it is an opening page image BTW.

go get a pro. It’s worth it.

remember you want it to look as professional as possible.

Using yourself, or even a cutie you happen to know come of as corny or amaturish. The trick I’ve found is finding someone who looks pleasant and above all does not detract from the design. Simple clothing, simple make up, avoid direct looks to camera so the model does not engage the viewer, and make sure the person (male or female ) is not hotter than your design!

good luck, why not post the results?

on this link there is a small pic of a product of mine with a user, the design is for the Annon Cypher snowboarding goggles by Burton, kind of hard to avoid using a person.

i would say, get a pro as well. There are certain things newbie (sorry to use that word) wouldn’t know until they get into the field longer. A professional will work for their money and make it on magazines because of certain lightening effect and whatnot. But definitly don’t waste your money if you aren’t certain about someone even thou they are your friend or the cost of the shoot is cheap.

This guy definately is professional. He shoots photos for several area office furniture companies, etc.