Shoes That you would like to see...

As designers we all have wild ideas for shoes that we would like but for one reason or another wouldnt be marketable or frankly attractive to anyone other than us.

I have a love hate relationship with sneakers, I like to buy them, I love to look at them, but I realy dont enjoy wearing them. This forms unique tastes for me in sneakers.

Example: I would Love to see New Balance come out with a faux croc. shoe. Maybe something in the line of the realy nice leather shoes they came out with last year in limited production. Or how about some driving loafers from Puma?

So what’s your footwear Fantasy? (That may sound wrong)

i love and wear every one of my sneakers in fact i hate that i can not wear certain shoes in inclimate weather (gotta keep em clean).

puma did a driving shoe a couple of years ago, i think it was for ferrari, i think they still produce driving shoes?

my fantasy/ultimate shoe would be a shoe that could ruly add a performance gain and open up a whole new way to interact with footwear. like anti-gravity sneaks or rocket boosters on the outsole, super extreme traction, maybe a football sneaker with variable spike control for different turf conditions, shoes powered by kinetic energy, or what about some joints that could accurately track your performance and could download it into your computer?

i know some these sound crazy but were halfway there…the adidas_1 drops in a couple of days(if you do not know you better ask somebody)…retails for $250 though…

This is exactly where I’m at with sneaks

I would enjoy something in full leather upper (I wear lo-key dress shoes almost all the time) and kinda dress look, but with more of a sneaker fit and feel. Don’t know if thats really possible but it’d be nice to have something that has the feel of a sneaker but that you could wear with a nice pair of slacks.

chowmander, you NEED to check out cole haan? (i think thats the brand) they an upscale casual/formal shoe company owned by nike and feature some othe the nike cushionong technology to make them more comfortable. i am going off of word of mouth since i myself do not own a pair of dress shoes—dress shoes and confort are contradictory in my experience.

some cole haan’s I like right now:

Froogle search for where to buy:

BTW, get G-series cole haan mens now, it won’t last.

Funny, I read Cowmander’s response and thought Cole Haan! Apparently everyone else did too. The Cole Haan store on 5th has a sick collection, but being in Arizona you could probably as easily find them online. Honestly though I several pairs of Cole Haans with leather soles, and in exception to bad weather they are great all the time (not for running however).

Oh, Yo, do you do any work for the nike-colehaan lines?

ever since yo posted those shoes above-and i keep reading these posts-I am always stuck on this shoe-That one lil perf. hole on the strap. just one lil one. I am just kinda thrown off by it-I like the shoe-it has keep me guessing what the designer thought about and them left it with that. Not 3 or 4 or 12 but 1 lil hole.

anyone else notice this-was looked twice a lil closer to see if there were more?

image again-just so you can know which one-