shoes for friends

Here are some of my designs. The one with the great wave in the background was done for a friend. We live on the coast and he said he wanted something to do with the ocean or sailboats.
the other one I posted on KG a while ago. The idea is a reverse pump system so that when you pump the little pump at the ankle the air is sucked out of the lace tubing and it contracts at all the hundred little contraction points, acting like laces.

I don’t know why but i’m digging the last shoe… Though it feels more like a skate shoe than a basketball shoe.

First of all a man of KG’s height is gonna need some ankle stability for sure. and i reall don’t see any there. I like the imprint on the side of the material though…very funky design.

Can or do you have any other alternative manifestations of that theme? It would be cool to see how you would work it in different ways.