Shoemaster Creative-Shoe Design Software

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to find out if you guys have any experience with Shoemaster Design Software. I am a young architect in training with an absolutely passion and secret life of designing shoes. I have no formal Industrial Design training, just my architecture degrees ( B.Architecture and B.Sc. Architecture). Are there better alternatives to the Shoemaster software. What are the pros and cons? I have some sketches that I need to upload so you can see my design style and so I can get some critiques. Thank you in advance for your guidance and help guys.

Best Regards,

David Linton aka. Stephondee

It is more of a tool for developing patterns more than designing.

thanks for the reply Yo. would it be best to just use Illustrator and Photoshop? I’ll get myself some tutorials and get right at it if that’s the case.

Design isnt about software. Try a pencil to start.


hey R thanks for the reply. will get to sketching some more. hoping i can scan some stuff and get some guidance from you guys. thanks again