shoe terminology

im a product designer who has just began working as a footwear designer for a big company which produces in china. i live in a non-english speaking country. due to that and to my very poor shoe-education i find it quite difficult to communicate with china in the correct “shoe-terminology”.
therefore my question is: are there dictionaries (preferable online ones) for the shoe-world?
thanks in advance

i think there are shoe dictionaries.
try amazon…

There is a book I have seen which is a dictionary that translates shoe terminology for 5-7 languages. I saw it at WSA and don’t recall who the author is, William A. Rossi maybe??

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I’ve been in the footwear industry now for over 4 years, and appreciate you are interested in learning the correct terminology to communicate with production sources in asia. I can certainly say that good communication with factorys, agents is one of the most important things!

I’ve just started a new footwear design/development blog first pullover and one of my first features will be on terminology and general concepts that might help you out.

check it out. Also, if you have any questions, or requests of topics to cover, feel free to let me know.

what is strobel stitching? :wink:

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I’m not sure what level of detail you want but here is a basic shoe ‘chart’.

here is a glossary

and a few more

good luck!

hey, thanks for the trippen link. i’ve never checked they’re page, but love the products! expensive, but nice.

…makes me jealous to be able to design such simple shoes. my job would be so much easier if i only had 3 parts on a shoe! the ones i work on typically have 30!