Shoe Sketches

these are just some quickies I did in english class, just a grey prisma and a blue highlighter for notes and using very expensive materiials, i will post some finished renderings soon…what do you guys think…How can I become better at doing quick sketches, these were 7-10 min…

thank you

good stuff man! Nice loose style that is very attractive. I’d like to see some notes on there about what you are thinking about as far as construction, materials and function. I know they are some quick sketching, but I’m guessing you had some thoughts.

these I really had thoughts but was doing most of my writting in my other notbook trying to get all of the notes down for homework. I have another link in the sketching area where you can see one sketch with some notes, i iactually note alot and it becomes a forest of words and arrows, I think its useful, but it can take away from the look of a sketch sometimes. I will keep posting new quickies…

any comments on how it could get even better, any tricks of the trade…i am not doing…

on another forum I posted yesterday, this is what a man said…what do you think about the grey line??? i attached my response at the bottom.

Posted: Sep 29 2004, 09:25 AM

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“Hm, I don’t really see how you could improve those as they are quick sketches. They look a lot cleaner than my quick ones (I usually don’t even have the patience to put some marker in them).
Only thing I noticed is the grey line running along the bottom of your sole. I would try instead to use that line to show which parts of the sole stick out and which parts turn away from the viewer… bit like giving the far areas darker colour than the near areas. Or maybe it’s better to think of an imaginary lightsource from the top left and use that to lighten the sole.
But then again, your shoes have a lot of detail in them, and using shading that would represent depth would take away the detail… so shading is perhaps more interesting for more advanced sketches or renderings (perspectives for example).
Just some thoughts…”

another designer posted this:

“I agree that for quick sketches those do look very good! Being a shoe designer myself i would suggest to look at the porportions of the sole and the size of the colar opening. Also watch the curvature of the heel, most shoes do have a little curve like as seen in your second concept.
never the less. Great sketches!
Ive also started using this pen called a ZIG writer, its kind of a felt pen with .5mm and 1.2mm ends. it is good for different line weights, and wont smear when you add marker like a ballpoint pen does (i know that you didnt use ballpoint, but its just a tip to all i want to pass on)”

again passing on information…ZIG Writer…never used it will check it out.

this was my response to the grey outline:

"…I will pay attention to the heel. the thing is that I dont usually sketch a lot with pencil, all of these were just with pen. and pen can be very unforgiving. so I try to get the shape i want, and work with what i have already drawn, even if mess up come about. my style is very sketchy and i think a lil dramatic, I think i get this from doing a lot of figure gesture drawings in school. I also usually note a lot on my sketches, about form and function and materials, but was trying to take notes for class and well, didnt have time, will post some with notes and details soon…

ooo yeas, about the outsole, good ideas, I do the grey outline on the bottom so that it looks bottom heavy, and so that it doesnt look like it is floating so much and alot of times uppers can really out weigh the outsole, so i do this to give a lil ballance. It was soming i picked up froma designer at my work. I wasnt really trying to design an outsole in these sketches mainly just uppers, that is why such lil attention to detail was put into them(the outsole)."

thank you all…

sorry for the drag-on conversations…just wanted to tell teh story and help people understand the meaning behind my question above, about the grey outlines, and my sketches.

that other forum is

check it out.