shoe sketches

Hi everyone I would like to show you my shoe sketches.
And I will grateful to hear your comments and advices…

and one more

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

I’m liking that white/yellow/black sketch.

Also, I think the first sketch is a good exercise. Sketching out a production shoe gives you a good feel for the details that are necessary. Even that shoe, which is very simple, has a lot more going on than most student sketches floating around.


please tell us more about you ( like age, what you’re currently doing…)
this will help to give a better feedback.
at this poin all i can say is that it’s interesting bu ti have no idea if i’m judging
the work done by a senior or a 13 year old

looking forward for your replie,

OK DD 23
Im 20 yo, I study industrial design at school of art i Lodz in Poland.
Im interesting in shoe design since 10 months.
It is very interesting when you can create somethink new, something fresh, something what can be real thing (product) in future. I can invite completely new system whitch can be useful in shoes. Shoe design its not only draw skills, but its imagination, essential knowledge about anatomy, and clever inwentions…

thankx for giving us more info.
will keep it short…
the work posted above is very interesting…
if you keep the desire to become a footwear designer your future is all bright.

keep thinking, sketching and inventing.
organize you ideas, concepts and before you know it you’ll be
paid for your passion.

stay in thouch,

thx YO everyone advise isevery important to me:)
DD i hope that your word will ful fill. thx a lot…

i have one question:
whitch 3d program you usually use to crate model of shoe?

you can use 3d software to render a shoe, an idea
but not to create a shoe. to create a shoe you’ll need
creativity, vision, imagination…

work on that… everyone can render the jordan 11 for example,
and if you spend a year practicing everyday your rendering is going to be very
realistic but only 1 person was able to design it!!!

do you want to be the one?

got it? :slight_smile:


They are nice man.

I got another “bic sketch”,i’m gonna post it in the “bic sketches” topic.


DD i got it:D
But I would like to know more about shoe design. I dont know with program is usually use in shoe design corporation. Maybe in footwear production process the 3d models are unnecessary. Please response my questions if you know the answere.

new shoe:D

great sketches, great fluidity and marker work.

I totally dig and am saving your sketches to my HD for future reference :slight_smile:


At my job we just use illustrator, no time for big 3D renderings. I learned Alias, solid Works etc in school but I we dont use it here, Illustrator only and randomly Photoshop. Definetly concentrate in developing your creativity that is what matters!! Also YO posted a very good Photoshop rendering tutorial, you can work with that to.

Thanks for the props Rosita

We just use illi and photoshop here as well, though some guys are getting into Maya, and I think over time we will go more that direction.


Sagittarius, you might enjoy this… KicksGuide hosts a monthly design competition called Artist Series. The February competition was recently announced. The inspiration must be the Lexus LF-A concept car. Check it out here.

All the specifics you need to know are found at the “Rules & Themes” link. Set up an account and join us.

thx rkuchinsky:D but its very far way before me if i wont to be really good:)

Rosita:1st place - creativity OK:)

YO Ill try to do some renders in 3D…

thanks you guys, for your help. Your advivces, are very useful for me.

keep working…

Traveler9 i submit the post in the same lime like you. I take a part in KG competition, but my work was very poor.
Now i havent time to do any works exept homeworks :confused:

its KG shoe topic: “freetyle”

I see, and agree… first things first. Keep working and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. I agree with what everyone here has said about your work.

thx for comments guys. Marky I thik I must do few better works to send it to any factory. But I very want to do it, and see my shoes in stores:). OK back to real, its my new project Puma R&G. Please give me some advives. I hope you like it.

How does this shoe tighten or lace? Or is it just form fitting materials? I also think that the eyestay peaks too high for a low cut shoe. You mentioned interest in footwear design… these would all be fundamental components.

With that said- that’s a pretty smooth rendering and mix of styles. The reflection… super sweet touch man!

Good luck.