Shoe sketches and 3D renderings

Hi guys. I just recently got really into shoes, and I would like to get few comments about my work. Coroflot — Design Jobs & Portfolios
Greatly appretiated. Goodluck to all of you!

Hello Sergio,
Really nice, stuff great line work, i look at your wark and i can instantly tell that you are doing car or maybe product design, thats nots a bad thing but alot of those shoes are completely impractical. they look great but you could never put them on you feet. Thats just what i think personally. Some will say of course you could, but i dont. are you studying car design in Cov, im studying footwear design in Liecester. What made you choose to do Cars. i would have loved to do the whole car design thing but my heart wanted to follow the footwear.

It would be good to speak to you about your expirences as a car designer.
That is if you are one.


Hi, Thanks for your comment about my portfolio. Basically, I have started to do design 3 years ago, when I immagrated to USA from Ukraine. I have started to draw cars, then I have decided to take few drawing classes and try to get in CCS. I got accpted to CCS, and all I was doing there, was drawing cars, and After a while, i got bored, so i decided that I want to do shoes, because i love to play all kinds of sports. So, i have transfered to Coventry Uni, and do product design, but trying to concentrait more on footwear. I was in the reebok competition this year, and i have won the 1st place. I had some very nice designs for that competition, but unfortunatly i cannot view them to public, because of contract that i have signed with RBK. But anyhow, thoes design on coroflot are year old, and i know that there are few things that i need to tune up to make them more practical, but i figured that I am just gonna live them like they are now, to see later my improvment, if you know what I mean. I hope I answer you question. :slight_smile: Thanks, and goodluck

Wow For RBK thats pretty sweet, how did you find out about that comp. I pull so much of my hair out when it comes to this Uni, they never get hold of any competitions for usespceially with sports companies. Apart from the one in italy(lineapelle).
i didnt know you could focus your work on footwear with a product design course, thats pretty sweet. With product you guys tend to think a bit more out side the box which you get taught am i right. We are taught how to make shoes and learn pattens and that sort of stuff. I would love to go and start a job with the sports companies but im affraid that Product designer will more than likey get the job. We did have a guy go 2 years ago and he is with Hummel.
So there maybe is hope.