my shoes are in a final state of the production and selling process, as for pay I get an hourly payment now. I am not under a contract for when my shoes come out. I have a question. i have a meeting with my boss to discuss my shoes to being manufactored. How should i do this? how much do i ask for now if my shoes is going to be in the stores soon (couple months). and do i ask for royalties…or wht. should I have done this before (talked about a price for my shoes if manufactored) but I dunno. I never thought this would be happening. and i have also done 5 outsoles. how does that work as they are being manufactored also.

shoe workers out there I need some help. and now that I am producing shoes and doing alot more production aswell as development does the money change also???

URGENT…also realize that I have been in the biz for a year, you can check out some of my old stuff at

I need help.

dude…seriously the design work is done and you are planning negotiation o royalties now? Hmm seems like you dont have to may cards to play at this point

I understand that now. Now for future projects for the spring. I should know how to do better business so i can plan better.