shoe perspectives

hi everyone

this goes out to anyone who can help me–

can someone please post pics of a model foot at various angles/views? by model foot i mean one of those plastic (?) foot shapes the designer uses to get the form of the shoe accurate, proportion-wise.

or, where can i obtain one of these foot-shape things?

thanks in advance!


Do a search for lasts or foot form or cobblers form on eBay, plenty of lasts will come up.

Bear in mind that the toe shape and heel height of the last will entirely dictate the design of the shoe you want to draw - it is no good trying to design a sneaker from a last if the ones you have are high heeled and pointed!

thank you for your help- but yes, it is sneakers that i’m doing :slight_smile:

I am not a footwear designer, so maybe this is way off base, but…

why not just take a picture of someone’s foot
(ideally a female if designing a women’s shoe, male for men’s in representative size etc. for your needs)
seeing as how the last is representative of a foot?

someone correct me if I’m wrong here so we can all learn.

you got the right one bei bei

well, i don’t have a digital camera, to start with and its a lot easier said than done to use somebody else’s; i’ve gone through enough trouble with that this year. i figured some people here may have something like this readily available, maybe not though…

C’Mon dude, where is your gumption…afraid you are going to have to do the work yourself. Taking digital photos of feet, lasts, and shoes that are the proportion you want will all help.


actually, i came up with another idea- i went over to the vans site and used one of their 3d spin things, if anyone else wants to do that to.

see, there you go, just need to use your ingenuity, I bet that would work well with screen captures. Good idea.