Shoe Making Classes in NYC

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. I wanted to find out if anyone can recommend someplace in New York City where I can take some shoe making classes as I want to get some hands on experience making shoes. I think that would really help me in my design as I would be getting to see how a shoe is put together. Thanks in advance for your help. Happy designing.



i know pratt institue has a shoe making class and FIT has some too… you could inquire about auditing the class or if they have some sort of continuing ed. shoe making class…

there is a 3 day class taught be an old shoe dog that should do the trick…he comes to ny and LA every few months. Google Noble Shoemaking class and you should find it.

As Dr Doodle said:

anyone know if their books are any good?

Hey everyone thanks a million for the info you have given. This is really helpful. I’m really excited about gaining some hands on experience making some shoes. Thanks again and all the best.

I know Parsons has a shoe design course. Two actually, 1 taught By Howard Davis which is apart of the Fashion design dept. and the other is still apart of fashion design but is more of a 2 yr design program.

The footwear taught here is more around fashion footwear and less athletics.

*with Howards class there is a connection with the Steve Madden’s factory in Queens and you get to have your shoe developed/ finished there.



Mark! Good to see you back on the boards! I know its been nuts lately…

Pratt has a footwear design course taught by my very good friend JohnnyK. But if you’re looking for a quick course on HOW shoes are MADE (not designerd) The Noble course might be your best bet. 3 days and you’ll have a better idea of what goes on in the factory floor; but what goes on in the mind of a desginer, that you must learn yourself young padawon

Pratt has a footwear design course taught by my very good friend JohnnyK.

Ha. I am taking that class right now and will be taking it next semester as well. Johnny is awesome. It’s a great class to learn about design and he does a good job letting you follow your own vision. He does a quick talk early on about different types of lasts and construction techniques, but for a student, an internship is really the best way to learn those things.