Shoe dog?

I originally made a one off of this just for fun, but got so much positive feedback I’ve now made it available for sale. Seeing orders for this from OG shoe dogs makes me happy.

I’ve been in the footwear industry over 20 years and still don’t feel comfortable calling myself a Shoe Dog.

At best, I’m a “Shoe Dog in Training”, as I’m always learning. How to make shoes. How to make shoes better. New materials. New construction techniques. New technologies…

…We are always “In Training”.

When I started in footwear, my mentors were the original generation of Shoe Dogs. Lifers. Designers and technologists that could not only do marker renderings by hand, but also cut a pattern and last a sample with perfect hand stitched Strobel construction.

If you want to be a shoe designer, you have to know how make shoes.

Today, I think the footwear design profession is in jeopardy. I’ve seen designers with “Shoe Dog” on their portfolio with less than 2 years experience, who have never visited a factory. 3D renderings of impossible “shoes” that look like spaceships get more fire emojis and likes than actual shoes. Young designers on social media are so focused on making things different, there’s hardly any consideration of how things are actually made.

Here’s hoping we footwear designers keep learning, and keep making shoes.

Also made a hoodie!