shoe designs***

Here are a few more designs. Comments and critiques welcome. Thanks for lookin’.


Amare sig- This one was inspired by Amare’s style of play. I noticed how he dunks on everyone, and he just explodes straight up like a rocket launching. So I drew inspiration from a rocket and implemented those lines in the shoe and logo. It incorporates a midfoot support plate and heel and forefoot max air. The side panels are foamposite for support.

Shox with removable support shroud

Vick (The laces extend through the lace cover by passing through the toggle. They can be tied there or passed through more eyelets for more ankle support.)

Shox concept

damn…like 80 views an nada…

just had a min…here are some of my thoughts-

material call outs a written explaination would be helpful.

as for a layout- I dont think the colored rectangles are helping the theme of “blastoff” and is over powering the title. also would be nice to see the amare logo with the title on the top piece. if you were to look at the typeface that you did for the main title(older less modern typeface) an then compare it to your modern futuristic logo, they do not match. this is a picky comment an doesnt have to do with the design of the shoe-but does effect how the shoe is presented.

I think you have an interesting pattern for the upper. the sharp angles remind me of the first basketball shox. because of the angles, graphic look

The sketches look nice, most look in proportion. The quarter back view seems off. the sole right now for me doesn’t feel like blast off- to me looks more basic an bold. the angles an the cuts in the design could be in more harmony with the upper pattern. here is a pic that I think shows a blast look. something to think about.

interesting-would be interesting to see this with more curves to it an less rough edges. I am wondering about the outsole-midsole in the heel an how this will function. was this concept meant to be used in basketball?

my favorite of the page as far as showing a thought process an giving us an idea of the shoe. of the 4 different Vick upper patterns-I think the bottom right is the strongest. has the ankle strap, ankle padding, an I think how the nike check is placed an how it interacts with the space its in fits well. where as in the others-like the pattern above, the “7” is distracting an I feel a sub-level of dominance to the viewer, this number could be placed on the heel or on the plastic tips of the laces-a lil detail…maybe. but of importance I think Vick an Nike are most important. the outsole-toe looks too pointy an should probably be more rounded. I also think in the outsole you could make more of a connection between the forefoot an the heel. the heel loses alot of the energy-looks maybe too basic. I think you have some strong energy in the forefoot.

the color use is nice. I really like the use of the different shades of grey in the outsole. I could see this as a more hiker/trail runner shox shoe. an then would be interesting to see what you can do to the upper- to make it water proof. gore-tex., or maybe has a new way that parts of the upper detach so that it can be emptied of rocks-dirt-sand that gets in your shoe as u hike-in the outdoors…or maybe has a way that a glove-sleeve can be used along with it to cover your shins-leg blow the knee to stop the hiker from getting irritations from poisonous plants. or peeps when it detects that you are hiking in an altitude that is unhealthy, or about to become unhealthy. also maybe has a device in it that could be detected by support services if they had to find you…if you had become lost…just some thoughts. I think you can push this shoe to more than just a nike shox. how is this changing-evolving the technology? or making it for a different use then what is normally for? just some things to think about.

but been seeing a good growth in the work bro.

keep it up man.



Design the shoes seem to very interesting, I also like the nike shoes very much.

Justin_ NICE article in this month’s Sole Collector dude! Congrats!!! They got a lot of your sketches in there!!!

Thanks Yo. They have been really supportive over at SC. They even have me doin’ some illustrations for the Jordan XXI story in the Feb issue.

those renderings are super nice, especially with the different views. they read really well and come off of the page even without a background. theyre definately better than i can do. i like the name too (blastoff) it sounds like the start to a slam dunk. i think your best design is the red one bottom right below #7. the red fins coming off of the heel make me think of blastoff more than the other designs. i think also you should add some footnotes on how the blastoff system works since i see the air filled bladders in the sole but im still not sure how it works, what would be really nice is an exploded view of the sole , the air system and how it all works in conjuction so that when i wear these shoes i blastoff. another great page could be a scenario of the different positions of the foot when jumping and how the blastoff systems enhances this motion.