shoe design contest

Design your own sneakers!

The German brand Möbus is inviting you to design your own sneakers.
If you fulfil the following criteria, you should definitely apply.

  •     You know a lot about casual athletic footwear.
  •     You are an enthusiastic and creative type
  •     You love to wear sports shoes and have a clear idea about the shoes that should adorn your feet in the future.

Who can take part?
Anyone interested in sneakers who can visually put their ideas on paper and have a penchant for materials and colours.
What do I get?
If your design manages to convince the jury and is included in the coming Möbus-collection, you get 500 Euros and Möbus will let you participate in 5% of the sales turnover of your model.
A pair of shoes from the current collection will be given for the best 100 designs.

What are the instructions?
Your shoe design must be turned in at least as a two-dimensional design.
(Following views: top view, side view inside, side view outside).
You can freely choose the materials and colours.
We need your design in A4 format, either as a colour printout or as a ready-to-print PDF.

When is the closing date?
30 May 2005

Please mail your designs to:
Möbus GbR
Judith Marthaler
Rossfelder Straße 52/2
74564 Crailsheim
or send electronically to:
judith.marthaler @

Any more questions?
Call us!!