Shoe Concepts SKETCHES

I did some sketches in english class today what do you guys think??
download them at this link below.

what can i do to help my fast sketching??

thank you,[/img]

Wow I like them! The proportions looks right, very believable.

thank you, i am going to try and post them on my coroflot site…or do you think it wasnt that bad to get them off that site there at now??

thank you I did them in english class, I happen to have a grey prisma and a blue highlighter for notes, and well after class my teacher came over, and i thought I was going to get in trouble but instead we got inro a conversation about them…surprised me, I will do more and keep on posting if you would like, i want to become a better sketcher, i sketch now all the time. I will post some sketches that are more complete, these were just done with school supplies, nothing special i guess…

thanks for the reply, would you wear these???

what types of things dont you like, or do…

I will only put them on coroflot as rough concepts and not presentation ones.

I wasn’t judging based on the design. I was looking more at the proportion, perspective and such. I don’t know about shoes, but you can try to do more perspective views. To turn them into presentation quality stuffs, just redraw them with lines you want to show.

Design wise, I guess they are pretty normal. I would have expected crazy concepts from students but those looks more like production designs. Well, when you do more finalized sketches, with some color, I am sure you will see a clearer picture and a more defined design.

I am a student studing Communication design. I did these in my english class, was kinda bored and just thought i would post them. i already have a job designing shoes, and have been designing shoes for the past year now. I am not in product and have never taken a produt or ID class, That is why I am always trying to get better. I would liek to show you more crazy stuff, but most is under raps, and i cant show it. I can pretty just show some old stuff and stuff that i did for fun, i am really busy with classes and home work doesn’t really leave me with much time with work also to get side projects, that is why my coroflot page isnt really to grab a job it is just more to put some stuff out there and get people to see and give me feed back, i want to help others and I need others help, i want to learn and develop my abilities everyday.

thank you for your comments.

Mark, those are great sketches, especially since they were done during an unrelated class.

thanks for the reply, would you wear these???

I would wear the hightops if they were comfy.

Right now I’m sportin’ these Lakai lowtops:

those cool. I amm sure they are comfortable. skater shoes??? right, I once skated,but fell too hard, and just stayed with basketball, I am soo used to high tops and ankle support that is pretty much all i wear, and some running shoes, but in nyc you need really comfortable shoes, TONS of walking.

those be nice with some kakis…the cali style. New york jeans and Timbs. have lived and cali, and now NYC I like both styles.


English Class is the best time to draw Stuff. What scale is this drawn at? 1 inch = 1 Foot! Ha Ha HA!!!
Great stuff! My Meta Carpals and phalanges are drooling

Ooops! I meant my Meta-Tarsals. my MetaCarpals are too busy typing!

cool. yea the shape of my home made sketch book is about 5in X11.

yea, not much for colors, just a kinkos blue highlighter, not bad.and dirt cheap. yea well i will post more sketches soon, I have to study some more big science exame tomorrow. study, design, study, design, design, eat…no time for sleeep…

Intro to Econ was my sketching class last quarter.

Yo Viv, I’m going to Cinci on Tuesday to Chiquita. How’s the weather over there?

yo the sketches look a’ight, checkout these boards dedicated to sneakers (if fyou have not already):— click the artist series link, monthly rendering contest lots of good stuff, variation of media.—shoehead site but they are more than willing to give feedback on designs

with sketching i guess it is just like any other thing you do it the more you do it the more confident you get in your ability. one tip that has helped me was to take long strokes (pause) of the pen/pencil in a sketch.

Thanks Jungle, i have checked those sites too. nice stuff, I am a sneaker head, got over 350 pairs of kicks…growing monthly. I will post some more skecthes soon.

three hunned n fiddy!!! say word, i thought i was a sneaker fanatic with my 40+, that is just frightening.

another ting to think about is that the work that you have posted is close to what currently is produced, so it might be a good thing for you to push yourself to some crazy idea that you might of had. being a sneaker fanatic you are always on the hunt for shoes that have certain qualities—what if there was one pair that had them all?

jungle good point…and well, I am in the biz right now…you think i am going to spill my crazy ideas right here…I keep them for work. I just do these for fun in class, but I always want to get better.once a couple of my projetcs come out I will post some really unique stuff…you got my word. yea 300 + grows, I went into the store last month, was upset, and well normally i ball or sketch or listen to music to relieve stress, but i instead went into the local shoe shop and bought every puma shoe they had in my size. insane…yea but I totally agree stretch your mind and do concept work, that is great but some I must keep confidencial.


yea my whole dorm room is shoes…I got them everywhere, and now that I have been designing and have been apart of the development process I apreciate alot more then I did before.

I am posting more sketches