shoe concept I'm working on

Right now it is just lines. What does it do? Who is it for? What type of retail distribution might it have? Pricepoint? Materials? How is it made?

It is amazing he difference a word makes. If you had said they were doodles, or even sketches, we might be talking about proportion, composition, lineweight, but because you said concept, then I expect there to be a real idea there, a story based onthe market with relevance to the way people live.

Good point, Mike… But he did post in the sketching forum, so I was just enjoying the expressive sketches…

Still worth asking what’s behind the concept… particularly considering what you do every day. :wink:


My apologies. Im not quite comfortable posting the actual concept. I should have just asked for a critique of the sketches. Thought this was the correct forum for that?

Yea my bad :wink:

What’s with the oil drum and biohazard symbol? Are these some kind of toxic shoes?

I like the sketches, but they seem a bit flat to me.

I guess I’ll just post the concept. Might as well get a crit out of it as well