SHOE class in ID

I am interesting to hear how other ID schools
teach on SHOE design.
Do you guys/gals learn patterns, sewing/glue,
as in real production to make the model
or you just learn how to draw and make simple
shoe models?
Perhaps use 3D programs to design the shoe?
Any shoe loving students, thanks for the tips.

ASU basically allows you to make a your own usergroup through wither an existing sport or making one up. 3 main soles are designed and one is chosen and then the final appearence model is made however one likes. I prefer stitching and use of real materials. Only one show is required as p-shop can easily make an additional. Coloring your shoe is no encouraged as it is harder to p-shop differnt color choices. This imo, is unfortunate as it makes the appearence model less effective. My suggestion is be on top of it, get it done and then take pics render it in p-shop and then paint it.

we don’t have a shoe class…but we got some people doing it on their own/having shoe related internships…

from what i’ve seen in my school…nobody has actually attempted to do patterns/sewing in the past years…they did photoshop renderings and foam models? at least it looked liek a foam model…all glossy and painted up…one guy does really awesome shoe drawings but I haven’t seen him take it up to a higher level.

There are schools that offer shoe design classes from time to time, as well as a Japanese art school that has recently started a shoe specific major, but there is really not much specific to the industry.

As a designer at Nike I think the most important thing is to approach the product like an industrial designer. Who will be wearing the product? Based on that what are their needs? Is it more important for the shoe to be protective or light weight, have a lot of cusioning, or a lot of flexability, breathable, or weather proof, some traction in all conditions or superior traction in a specific condition? Many of the these things can be mutually exclusive so its important to allways think about what is best for the intended user.

The best way to learn about how shoes are made is to cut some up. Saw up a running shoe, a basketball shoe, a hiking shoe, ect and compare, measure, investigate. As a footwear designer this is invaluable, that and the ability to comunicate ideas through white hot renderings.

From there on the professional side we work with pattern engineers, model makers and sample makers to make it come to life. Many of us get pretty involved with the finish of the smalles seemes in the lining, as these make a big difference in the fit, finish and ride of the product, but this is learned more on the job.

try this school:

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Sounds like somebody who drives to the store 3 blocks away and takes the elevator to the second floor. The shoes that are just fashion are made for people like you. The rest of us that actually use our bodies have a need for well designed functional footwear that help support our active lifestyles. Goes well beyond fashion and styling. Try running a marathon in the same shoes you sprint or play ball in and you’ll see where design comes into play. Much more than pointing out colors and material.

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NPK was asking for information and advice…do you think you guys could help NPK instead of trash talking Nike and the shoe designer who actually did give useful advice?? These discussion boards could be really helpful if everyone got over thier jealousies of people who have good jobs and knowledge of a particular topic. We can all learn from each other if people left the unnecessary rude comments out and offered information instead.

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The whole part of design is not to improve functions or needs. But for quality of looks, appeal and aesthetics. Things wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the Bauhaus. Shoes play a huge part, I think shoes are the most interesting piece of clothing someone could wear. Whether if it’s Nike, Converse, DC or Reebok, or Diesel or Cole Hann