Shift happens in Chicago

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Shift Happens
Midwest IDSA Conference
April 16-18 2004
W Hotel - City Center, Chicago, IL

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Our blurb:

The economy, culture, business, manufacturing, design trends, technology, the environment. What do they have in common? They’re all shifting. Modern life is becoming defined by a constant rate of change, and shows no sign of stopping.

Shift Happens, and the best way to deal with it is to stay abreast of these changes and adapt… or be left behind.

The Shift Happens Midwest IDSA Conference will focus on movement in the design industry. It will be a unique and innovative conference: We have a number of new events to make this an inspirational and rewarding weekend.

The collective presentations will aim to give the attendees a sense of current shifting trends, and therefore point the way to what the future holds for us. Get ahead in shifting topics such as: Asian Competition, Design Trends, New Technology, What Corporations Want, Designing Green, Big-Box Monopolies, and shifting from Industrial Design to Management.

Conference Events Include:

  • Fight Club
  • Party including live ID-DJs
  • Comedy Skits, From Second City
  • ‘Couch Interviews’
  • Design Slam
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • CAD Fight
  • Architectural walking tour
  • Digital Sketching Contest
  • Rendering Contest
  • Alias Studio Tools test drives
  • Reception sponsored by Design Within Reach
  • Studio Party by Radius Product Development

…not to mention a host of exciting speakers!

By the way… don’t wait to register-- the early registration discount ends this Sunday, 3/14/04 !!

For online registration / more info:

can someone tell me how much these conference cost? i tried to locate the cost on the site but it is no where to be found except $125 something on hotel :unamused:

Go to and then click “registration”

thank you :sunglasses:

The “Shift Happens” IDSA Midwest Conference is just 2 days away. There will be a record breaking 30 speakers this year-- double the usual amount!! The conference is content rich, and we have new creative features such as the Couch Interviews (using two stages), Digital Pictionary (using digitizers), Fight Club, and the ID-DJs who will now spin in the main hall at breaks. For more information and last minute updates, check out the conference website:

Congradulations Ben!!!