Shaving Scuttle

So after taken up safety razor shaving (like old school razor blade razors), I had been wanted a kit to keep everything nice and neat, but not take a ton of space since it is a valuable commodity in my tiny apartment bathroom. When I saw the Korean mug thread (Tooling around - Shapeways) I thought it would be cool to design it around 3D printing in ceramic.

Those are just the final products renderings. The whole project from inspiration to render is on my portfolio site.

Anyway, thoughts? Opinions?

I think I recall a few of the regulars on here being razor shavers. Would you guys use something like this?

Neat. I’m a DE razor guy. I think it’s preferable to hang the razor and brush upside down to better dry though. Also easier to grab than grabbing the business end. And how does the water come out of the dish where the soap is? Do you need to empty it? What about the spam and water buildup inside?

Have you made it, or is it just a concept so far?


a few challenges…

  1. everything i have been taught is that your shaving brush should be stored in a hanging position to allow it to dry properly and not have the bristles at the base collect water:

Place the shaving brush in its holder with the bristles facing down. Before storing, it is always important to allow the shaving brush to dry thoroughly, as leaving it wet and damp can damage the bristles. As shown in the image, run your clean thumb across the brush to check that it is dry.

  1. I would want a cover for my shaving soap - i have a wife with long hair that is everywhere and would be in the soap everyday, and we have a two sink bathroom. Plus a cover would keep out dust and other debris…

  2. Hanging or Standing for the brush - i don’t think the human factors is very good for asking the user to have to pick the brush up by the bristles - perhaps find a comfortable balance with how much the brush is recessed into the holder also pay close attention to the order items are placed and the process
    a. apply pre shave oil
    b. obtain shaving soap
    c. interact with brush (several touch points)
    d. Shave
    e. apply aftershave lotion

  3. Also i do not see a holder for the pre shave oil… An important part of the ritual to help with a smooth shave and to do minimal damage to your skin

Also i have used a kit like this for 20 years and it is a ritual for me. check out the store “the art of shaving”


Cool – good to hear you are going to give the Shapeways a shot!

I agree with Richard and Chevis on having the brush handle up so that it is easier to grab and more likely to drip dry. I do like that you have a singular form that rests on the sink counter, as compared to the standard metal stand with hanging arms. The challenge could be getting that clean form to do all that the traditional one does now.

How hard would it be to clean it if the white ceramic was all one piece (no crevices)? The holders and basin are simple enough that taking them out might not make cleaning any easier.

Now when I can grow more hair than Justin Bieber I may come to you…

Thanks for all the great feedback guys!

As a side note, is there a way to multi-quote without doing it manually?

Here is the lastest iteration of my scuttle.

I took the feedback you guys gave me and analyzed those problems. One of the big ones was the drying position of the brush. Although I still have yet to find any direct comparison, my logic was that tradition says to dry your brush upside-down. And since most people learn DE/straight razor shaving in a traditional way (ie. it is handed down or taught) it seemed that hanging the brush was the right thing to do.

Now in order to keep the same exterior form I went with more of a slanted brush. It will still drain the water thoroughly and properly as though it were being hung from a stand.

Oh, and I added a lid and drainage holes to the soap dish.

So what do you guys think?

I personally really like this version. I think the slanted brush breaks up the rigid form just enough and the lid really gives the soap dish a clean look.

I’m planning on printing it all out this weekend in PLA just to make sure everything fits nicely before I have it printed in ceramic.