Shaving Razor Project

Hello, my name is Sean Eurich. I am a senior at Kendall College of Art and Design going for my Bachelor’s Degree in industrial design. I would appreciate if you could take a quick moment of your time to help me by completing this survey regarding shaving razors. All entries are anonymous, so please answer to the best of your ability and as honestly as possible.

I would love to hear everyones thoughts on problems you currently have with shaving and what your ideal perfect shaver would be.

Here is the link:


You really went overboard with the posts. we really don’t need 4 threads of you asking people to complete a survey.

did it.

On the matrix questions on page 4, answers kept disappearing

You have seven questions and seven answers and are allowed to pick 1-7 once. I hope that made sense. It was confusing to me at first.

Yes, one survey is enough. I’ve deleted the others since this one seems to have got the most traction.

checking out the survey now…


Ok, i’ve done the survey. Now some comments.

First off, I shave my face and my entire head about 3 times a week. So I’m well familiar with razors.

Now to your study - I don’t see how you can get anything from the majority of questions.

  1. the demographic info to start with I think is irrelevant for the most part. Am I shaving differently if I make 80,000/yr or 100,000? No, don’t think so.

  2. The drivers for purchase, most again I think are irrelevant. I’d wager that most people buy the same brand over and over again for years, if not life, especially those who have cartridge systems. As such, the drivers have no effect, as do the reasons for picking that razor. For example, I buy mach3, and do it because I have a mach3 razor. comfort, speed, cleanability, etc. have nothing to do with it.

  3. The more important questions you could be asking, aren’t asked. ie. How much do you spend per week/month? Perceptions of electric vs. manual for X criteria. manual vs. disposable for X criteria, etc.

Trying to be constructive here, but again and again I see useless surveys and design projects that go awry following the results of them.

The bigger question, something I didn’t get through the survey, is WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? From the questions, it just sounds you are fishing for random things. Any survey, like a scientific experiment should have a clear problem, a hypothesis and method (the survey being part of it) to test the problem and see if the hypothesis fits. Random survey are like going outside with a measuring tape and randomly measuring things, writing down the results, and hoping to find some new law of physics in the results.


Nice critical observation R… It did seem a bit random and questionnaires seem like such a boring way to study razor usage anyway

Visit peoples homes, take pictures of their setup, watch them use the razor and ask them to describe things they are feeling and thinking while they are doing it, have them walk you through how they pack up the razor for a vacation or business trip, have THEM design an amazing new razor, etc etc etc…there are a ton of more interesting ways to do quality design research, and they will feed a creative mind with more ideas than a spreadsheet

Interesting factoid recently heard: P&G does massive qualitative studies of razors prototypes to satisfy marketing concerns that a razor will be accepted by the public, hundreds of thousands of people, just to cover their a$$es on the investment. Consultants that work with them say very brief qualitative studies with a handful of people usually match these results…

Sorry, I was just trying to get as many respondent as possible in a short time frame.

Right, think of it as this is the most important thing(#1), this is the next important thing(#2), and so on until this is the least important thing (#7).


You never know what you are going to find out.
First, thank you for taking my survey!

@1. I don’t expect people to shave different depending on their salary, but maybe I will find out for example… someone with a higher salary is looking for a razor that is more portable or faster, and someone with a lower salary may possibly want a razor that offers a closer shave or something that is more trendy.

@2. I agree with you, I also stick to the brand I have because I have a razor that needs specific cartriges, but I can’t come to the conclusion that everyone does this. Some people may be unhappy with there razors or just want change every once and a while. I am also asking for purchase drivers so I can design around what is most important to people and what problems they are having. I don’t want to design a product that the consumer has no use for or a product that is no different than what is already on the shelf.

@3. Great ideas and I wish I would have added them. I tried to not have a ton of questions so the survey wasn’t to long or people will get annoyed and won’t finish the survey. Perhaps some of your questions were more relevant then mine, and I will think of similar questions for my next survey. :wink:

For, " WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?" or what am I trying to find out, I am looking for a couple of things…

  1. Basic trends. This is why I asked for demographics like salary, education, etc…
  2. What do people look for when buying a new razor?
  3. What is most important to people when shaving?
  4. What are some problems people are having?
  5. What would be their ideal, perfect solution?
  6. Any other info that may not have seemed obvious.

I appreciate the constructive criticism. It helped and the next time I make a survey I will change a couple of things.
Again, Thank you for taking the time to do my survey and help out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking my survey!
I am doing interviews and ethnography too.

I think instead of you firing questionnaires about you would get more informative, quicker results by asking your mates if you can watch them shave. I know it sounds weird, it is but you can tell them its actually useful from an operation/diverse user study where you can see where the problem areas are.

also your questionnaire didn’t have the option for straight razors. also a real man shaves with a knife fyi.

Hey, I wonder how I can re-take your survey…
I found it pretty interesting and am doing a similar survey…Therefore would like to use your questions(if you don’t mind)
I’m in high school and needed to do a market survey on a product for my Entrepreneurship class.
Hope I get a quick reply… Thanks :smiley: