Shaving Razor Project Continued

Hello, my name is Sean Eurich. I am a senior at Kendall College of Art and Design going for my Bachelor’s Degree in industrial design. This project is for my design research class.

I would appreciate if you could take a quick moment of your time to help me by completing this 4 QUESTION survey regarding shaving razors.

Here is the link:


Please, have someone, anyone read your surveys before you publish them. That was just plain awful.

Ok… constructive criticism is good but you were a little rude. This is suppose to be a quick survey to see if people would buy my “paper concept” and how much they would be willing to pay if they would buy it.

Please see this topic-


You are absolutely correct, I was more than a little rude. But in order to offer constructive critisism, there needs to be a sliver of redeeming value. Sorry to say, your survey has none. The truth hurts.

It is like you know surveys exist to gain information, but you have never been educated on how to conduct research. Kind of like me knowing that an infected appendix needs to be removed, and then operating on someone even though I have never been educated on how to remove an appendix.

You failed to communicate what your “paper concept” is. You left it to my imagination. Great. As it turns out, everyone’s imagination is different. Which “paper concept” should I be evaluating? My imagintion? Your imagination? Betty’s imagination?

And if you are going to to do a pricing study, have a context. You had none. Except for something that is a figment of my imagination. Well, in my imagination, I think all razors are free and every home in America should have a unicorn.

Did you bother sharing this survey with any of your professors?

Hey Sean,

Looking at your survey I can kind of see where iab is coming from (harsh as his response may be). The way that you’ve constructed this is akin to saying “Hey if you could pay 25 cents to see a real life unicorn that you could ride and pet would you do it??” Of course they would, everyone’s going to say yes and the people who say no are only doing it to be an ass and mess with your results.

You are promising the BEST razor that somehow is solving every problem and at a ridiculously low price point, so I don’t really see what you hope to gain from the survey. I think that you might want to step back and reevaluate what you really want to get out of this survey. I had to do a survey a couple months ago and the thread that R suggested was extremely helpful in helping me establish how to create a survey that would give me meaningful data and not confirm what I already knew. What you don’t want to do is create a survey just for the sake of justifying your ideas, any good critiquer will tear you apart for this and any work that uses this as a foundation will look unjustified.

I’m a student too, so I’m by no means an expert and I’m still struggling with the same things! Maybe post up some of your work and we can all help reformat your survey. Core77 is a really helpful place but there are a lot of working professions that are going to be giving you feedback so you just sort of have to take the knocks in stride and not be offended.

Good luck!