Sharktooth Creative site launch! Would love feedback

We’re new kids on the block~ would love thoughts on the site.


I love how clean the site is. I especially enjoyed the “room” apon entering the site.

Only thing I had trouble with was understanding where to click in the “room”. Maybe if the hotspots were highlighted in some way it would be more intuitive to use the items in the room instead of the links at the bottom?

On the other hand, maybe you wanted the user to snoop around?

Excellent either way.

I like the flash work, it’s simple, runs smooth, and I didn’t notice any problems.

For using sound I think you went a little overboard on the mouseovers, all that beeping gets annoying after a while. If you want to do something with the mouseovers, try something more in line with the music you’re using - something more subtle and soothing.

On the dimensions of the page you chose a weird format, 900*575. It’s often hard for designers because we all have huge monitors and keep them at near max resolution, but to comply with standards you really should either make your page static within 800 pixels or use a liquid layout that will allow your flash site to scale according to the users window.

I say this because I do websites all the time and I can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls I’ve received from clients that wanted their site to be set up for 1024768 only to be bombarded with calls from clients telling them that they couldn’t see the entire site, why?, 800600 resolution for all those old people that don’t want to wear glasses at the computer. I’m not saying you HAVE to change it but its a suggestion.

You should also check out they might have some pixel fonts that will look cleaner than the one you are currently using.