Sharing radical new innovations in materials

My name is James, I’m a materials expert funded by Brunel University to teach people about radically innovative materials. I’m launching an online community to connect makers, artists and designers to these materials and I’d like to invite Core 77 readers to join.

What can you expect from the community?

  • A new innovative material webinar released each week.
    Live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions about the material.
    Write ups on where to buy the materials and essential info on the featured material. (All materials covered are commercially available).
    Collaborative discussions on the potential of these products.
    Online discussions sharing the latest tech.

The community will explore a wide range of topics, discussing everything from the newest innovations in materials to the potential of the latest production techniques to change what we can make and how we make it. Our first two materials will be, fibre optic fabrics (- YouTube) and programmed magnets (Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153 - YouTube) both of which have a incredible potential.

We only have a short sign up period, so if you want to be part of The Material Intuition Forerunner Community you’ll need to follow the link below to register by completing a short questionnaire. You can find out more about the Forerunners community at
If you have any other questions please email

Sign up link Material Intuition

P.S I hope this doesn’t break any rules this is a non- profit scheme and is fully intended to be a design resource.