Share your thoughts on my portfolio!

Hi Core77 community!

I was told that Core77 was a great place to share portfolios and I am glad that I could get feedbacks from this community! This is my first time posting my portfolio, and I am looking forward to hearing back from anyone who has any thought or comment!
Here is a link to my portfolio:



Hi Justeen,

I think there is some interesting stuff there but I feel it’s a little disjointed.
Maybe you can tell us a little more about what your future ambitions are.

Where would you like to work? Who are you aiming to impress with your work? What do you want to do? UI? ID? A bit of both?

Generally I feel that you can definitely improve your layout. All that white space make it difficult to read your projects and images are blending into each other.
Framing your “slides” would definitely help and guide the user through your work. Right now it is really hard to focus.

Contrary I do like your “about” page. It’s easy to read and communicated well. Mainly because you used a background color to frame your text.
Maybe you can rephrase as you do start every new bracket with “I am” or “I’m”. But that is nit picky.

Hi Bengt!

Thank you for taking a look at my site!

I have been thinking about my future and I do not have a set answer but I like making products with simple mechanism, sensor-based technology and UI/UX (digital product, apps). Originally I came from ID, but as I got to know about interaction design mixed with sensor-based technology, I found it quite interesting as well, so now I am still trying both. Maybe you are right too, a little bit of both, but what would that career be? Can you tell me more about it?

One question thought, I do not quite understand what you mean by " white space make it difficult to read your projects"? Do you mean my text is separated from the images?

Also do you mean use either "I am " or “I’m”? if yes, I do realize that haha; it should be more consistent.
Or you mean rephrase the paragraphs not starting with “I am” or “I’m”?



What I mean by that the “white space” is problematic, is that it is difficult to see where one slide starts and the other ends.
Graphs, illustrations, paragraphs all blend together and you give the viewer no opportunity to orient themselves.

As to the “I’m/I am” thing. That is more a pet-peeve of mine. You start every paragraph with ether “I’m/I am” and it would just read a lot nicer if you would mix it up and start some the paragraphs with something else.

Doing the “a little of everything” approach can be very rewarding but challenging as you will have to have an excellent portfolio in all segments. Otherwise, the less developed areas will drag down the rest of the work.