Share your random sketches

Time lapse of a little EV coupe sketch:

dropped a little more contrast on it in post…

Wild the world we live in. My nephew is home from school sick today so he face timed me and asked me to draw him something… I asked what he wanted me to draw and he said a Ukrainian Antanov cargo plane with a jeep… he is 7. This is the world these kids are exposed to. I guess we had it too with the Iraq war on TV all the time….

How it started

How it ended

and here is the time lapse:

It was nice to kick out some sketches on vacation. Nothing like staying in a nice airbnb, having some coffee, and jamming on a sketch before heading out to see some sites and do some hiking.

Butch SUV

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Friday night on the couch with Enzo catching up on Great British Baking show and doodling:

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morning sketch to warm up :slight_smile:

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Sketches between meetings in Salt Lake City last week:

Sunday night doodle with a little digital shading thrown over top:

Merging two of my favorites, Design + Mixology!!

A random sketch was drawn taking inspiration from Netflix’s new series called Drinkmaster.
While introducing the drink they show a digital illustration of the drink and I found it interesting.

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Yet another addition to the “Coffee’s Ready” series.
There was some talk in another thread of “that old unused box of markers” that so many of us have. So I broke mine out and tried to extract a few strokes from the dying green prismacolor . . .


Got to put those old markers to good use @jacob_fleisher !

A quick turkey shaped turkey day chair :turkey:

evening doodle kicking of the long holiday weekend :slight_smile:

More sketching while Kristina was doing some volunteering and then backing today…

Saturday sketching while procrastinating doing some chores :slight_smile:

sketched this up while watching the last couple of episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 with Kristina and Enzo on the couch last night :rofl: