Share your random sketches

The doodling thread got so deep I thought it might be nice to start a new topic for sharing sketches since we have a new platform.

A sketch from my flight to LA yesterday… thankfully the Alaska flight was smooth enough to sketch :smiley: … I like doing 2"-3" thumbnail sketches and then snapping a pic and refining them digitally like this. That is my typical concept work flow.


And here is the notebook doodle it was based on

Just noodling on “traditional human ritual coffee brewing aesthetic” idiom … me and my A.I. ! Sorry if this is a bit off-topic but I got excited by what it eventually turned out. These took two minutes — one minute for the initial prompt and one minute for a round of variations — however there was a lot of time spent on unsuccessful starting points before hitting on it, and I believe the overall process would be much longer if you were working from a firmer starting point, such as a brief. This is with Dall-E and the prompt airbrush sketch of a Moccamaster -

The forms are repetitive and kind of more garbage disposal than espresso maker, they are rendered in every medium other than airbrush, but the “feel” nails the low-fi, artful essence of a sketch rendering. The AI process itself seems given to “sketchy” in that it focuses on visual cues that bring the prompt to a recognizable approximation while not getting bogged down with resolving every detail. Maybe that is just a limitation of processing power or dataset at this point and it will improve with time, then someday we’ll have designers seeking out vintage low-fi AI or at least the sepia-toned algorithmic filter in their contemporary tools.

So… anyhow, TLDR: do these count as sketches? Do they belong here?

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@shaggy it’s weird, with a lot of these things so far I just don’t feel like there is any there, there… at least not yet. I don’t see any ideas here from this particular AI exploration… not even really any aesthetic ideas? Worth playing with to see where they go though.

One from me, a laundry hamper with three compartments, one for darks, lights, and a shallow one for delicates or supplies.

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This is definitely one of my takeaways too. I think it needs to find a home in people’s existing creative processes, right now the excitement is around taking a radical shortcut to visualization. The strangeness of its output could be useful in brainstorming, creating a quick visual interpretation of a prompt. Maybe in tandem with something like Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategy cards…

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RE Brian Eno… I think that is a good analogy.

I’ve also seen some concept designers for Hollywood using multiple engines for one image. I saw a designer using mid journey for backgrounds, then using DallE for a spaceship in the midground, and a thing engine for an astronaut in the fore ground. Then he composited them all together and drew onto of all of that.

Also. This is how that last sketch started. On a post it note in the middle of the night. And then how it ended…

Another quick one… a little creative procrastination :wink:

Trying my hand at quick sketches for Productober this year, inspired by James Connors’ Inktober from 2019 (Behance)! I’m using the Notes app on my iPad and doing mostly continuous line drawing (which I’m not super used to but is a lot of fun). Here are days 1-5!!


Looking good @Awelo !!!

I was at a good friend’s wedding last night. I did a sketch in the card as I often do and something dawned on me. The key to a good sketch and the key to a happy life are similar… no not line weight (though knowing when to apply more pressure and when to ease up is also important). They key is accepting imperfections and working with them. No sketch is perfect, and nothing in life is either. But when we accept them for what they are we can learn to work with those imperfections to make something wonderful.

PS. This isn’t the sketch that was in the card. That is only for them.

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Here is something I saw on Behance a few weeks back and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

Architectural musings…

Sunday doodles.

Time lapse videos on those last two sketches:

Evening sketch… in a bit of a blue line work phase… When you have stuff to do but you just want to procrastinate! :smiley: