Shaping the New Century: International Design Symposium

Shaping the New Century: International Design Symposium

An international symposium on recent European industrial and
decorative design with a special strand for graduate and undergraduate
design students.

Participating students and educators will attend all regular sessions,
plus four special sessions designed specifically for students. The
student/educator strand is organized by Christopher Vice,
Chairperson, Department of Visual Communication Design
Indiana University
Herron School of Art and Design

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, March 6-8, 2009

Join designers, critics, scholars, manufacturers, dealers and students
for a lively examination of the present and future of European
decorative and industrial design in a program conceived by R. Craig
Miller, the IMA Curator of Design Arts. Explore the aesthetic and
conceptual ideas that have transcended national boundaries from 1985
onward, forging the international design scene we experience today.
Meet a variety of leading figures in European design from multiple
generations and be among the first in the world to see the exhibition
European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century. The evolution of
contemporary design will be discussed and examined in four sessions
focusing on creating, manufacturing, judging, and marketing design.

Presenters include major international figures in design:
Alberto Alessi
Jurgen Bey
George Beylerian
Juli Capella
matali crasset
Beatrice de Lafontaine
Michele De Lucchi
Sylvain Dubuisson
Rolf Fehlbaum
Nasir Kassamali
Eero Koivisto
Didier Krzentowski
Susan Lewin
Catherine McDermott
Cedric Morriset
Cilla Robach
Jerszy Seymour
Penny Sparke
Dr. Josef Strasser
Jan Tichelaar
Richard Wright