shaping imaginary users

Could anyone please tell me how anyone can produce such a result. I mean shaping the “user” with outlines. Thanks

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with a pen?

if you need to practice, you could take pictures of someone in different orientations that would be helpful to your work and then outline them

Did you actually got in the trouble to look at the link?

Just to help I mean in a digital way

Scan an image from mag or photograph. Lower the opacity so you can see the next step clearly. Trace the outline with the pen tool in Illustrator. Good use of different line weights will dramatically change your output. Don’t go much smaller than .25 line weight, you may have trouble printing anything smaller. Bigger than 1pt tends to get chunky to me. You can make the stroke color anything you want in Illustrator.

There’s some useful info. Really thanks

exactly what skinny said. You can probably just find an image online, it can be low res, since you are tracing it and getting rid of the original anyway.

This is genius, thanks. I have been having the exact same problem. That technique never even occured to me…I have been sitting here trying to freehand stuff to no avail…