Shaped LCDs

Apparently, you can break out all those “impossible” electronic design concepts with funky shaped LCDs from your portfolio again. Shaped LCDs are now a reality!

LCD displays in polygonal or even circular shapes are now available following investment in new precision glass scribing technology.

Careful, I do all kinds of LCDs and have just started with full color 2D and 3D design. A shaped (sometimes called cut) LCD is very expensive, but in the segmented and some forms of graphic completely feasible at this point. Most shaped LCD you see in the products out there wind up being a rectangular LCD packaged to look like it has some funky shapes. There are some very trick things we and many others have done to hide the original shape of the LCD in some bezel. Most of the success really is happening with interaction design and screen design that imply the screen is not square… But you are right in the sense that they can be cut, actually pretty easily. But the shape depends on the header (how many segments you need) and where it should be located. With a 180 segmented screen that is about 2.5 inches wide… almost all that width needs to be flat on at least one side to accommodate a large strait connection header or sometimes what they/we call a zebra strip is used… Most of these custom displays will cost about 4 times that of one that is just squared off, but often times the price can be swallowed if the design needs it (and of course the company will make enough money on it). None the less, hope that gives you some extra info to talk the talk when you place those sketches in your portfolio.