Shaofei's Portfolio

Hi my name is Shaofei, I am a graduating senior at Purdue University. I would like some comments regarding my portfolio. I would also like you to introduce yourself a bit before commenting, things like what industry you worked in hobbies etc. My goal is to get an entry level job with a toy company or design consultancy as I like a variety of challenges. I also want to work abroad, I feel like I am young and I should experience the world before settle down (recommendations?). I am bilingual in English and Chinese, I want to reinforce that in my portfolio but not sure how… you can read more about me on my website:

oh also I have a question regarding my name, do you think companies would turn me down because my name doesn’t sound American? I know having a foreign name can have negative and positive effects but I would like advice!


Edit: My sketch book VOL 2 will be up this weekend, so check back if you like spaceship and monsters.

The skimmer bag on the pool cleaner is waaaaay too small. The form is cool, but it looks more like future car or something. What I am saying is that the form for that solution is really overly complex. Think more Roomba and less Slave-1 (Boba Fett’s ship).

The text on the button on the air pump look lame, just photoshop it in there. The model for the purpose of being a model is alright, but as a bike pump the function sort of sucks. I like that it pumps into a canister for later, but if that is the case then you should let the canisters be able to get pumped by shop air or a stand pump. The scissor action is too weak, I would think, why not a more typical plunger style? Also add a bracket to attach it to a bike frame, as an accessory.

It would be very nice to see a few physical models. Full scale, with a big and show how the bad will be hidden in the can etc…

So the glasses are “green” but they have a short lifespan, and are not something you would need if you had some real sturdy glasses. So they are not really green, they are just made of stuff that is not hurting the environment and where the whole deal is unnecessary. But I see the point of the product, it is still a little complex.

Make the sketches POP way more, they look a little bland. Also the forms are falling flat as seen on the screen.

The Radio Flayer deal is cool .

As for your name, in this day and age skills pay the bills few people will care what name is on the check.

This is a quick response since I didn’t take the most in depth look at your portfolio. I really enjoyed looking at your sketches and your drawing ability is definitely one of your strongest assets. I think you should really take the time to consider the layout and composition of your portfolio. All your projects seem very squished together and it was hard reading through each page since there was so much visual noise and information going on at once. It looks like a lot of consideration and work was put into your projects, put the same amount into how you communicate that effort to others.

First, I think your portfolio looks pretty good over all, especially your sketches.

I’d like to give you some feedback on your pool vacuum as I’ve worked at a pool since being is school. almost all debris in a pool is on the bottom. So the skimmer that floats on top is not necessary. Next your shape does not make sense for being a vacuum. The wheels are the only thing that come near the ground therefore you cannot pick up any dirt because there is no suction. Last, the vacuum can’t be in the pool with people swimming, therefore it is usually in the water when it is dark, aka when the pool is closed. This prevents the solar energy from being very effective. It seems to me that you don’t really have a problem you are trying to solve with this project. You need to start with trying to solve a problem to make it better, and I don’t think you accomplished this. Plus the vacuums on the market now are very very expensive and your design seems like it would make the price go up to at least double of those on the market.

This is meant as constructive criticism as I think your projects are pretty good overall.

Updated portfolio.

Hi folks I just updated the portfolio with some of the comments taken in consideration. check it out.

Wow, I can’t even begin to describe how much better this second draft of your portfolio is from the first. Your layouts are so much cleaner and communicate a lot better now.

thanks! I am still working on demo the pool cleaner project. I am thinking about making an interactive flash site for that project. so much stuff to demo but so little space. ugh

oh and congrats with the spiderweb chair design! I got the message from ask nature.