.. shame can any one help me? (check my english)

There are many ways to delivery company’s brand identity to target audience. However, in many cases, the corporate color and brand images that include C.I, typeface, and image usage strategy are regarded as the main elements of tool for presenting brand identity in case of the web site. If we regard web site as interaction medium for communicate with our audience, the interactivity of web site can be useful characteristic. Other advertising medium hardly get the audience response instantly compared with the web site. This characteristic plays a key role of delivering message to audiences in some of presentation techniques which is called the digital story telling.

In this case, Japanese Advertising Agent interestingly use the ancient war story as the metaphor to provide the engagement and memorable experience of their identity for audience. The story telling techniques are adopted for encouraging the audience to explore their brand identity in this site.

Recently, this story telling techniques is increasingly adopted in many promotional web site in conjunction with the adaptation of the media express techniques; motion graphics and 3-D animation in the web site. The figure 2 well shows the recent trends of the way to expression in the web site. As the Internet streaming speed has been faster than fast, This trend will increasingly show in the web site.