Shady Dealiing? FastCo's New Contest

Is it just me or does it seem rather shady that Fast Company would start a design contest after having a deal with IDSA for a number of years to host the IDEA awards? While IDSA is a not a perfect organization, they did start the IDEA awards and it seems to me that Fast Co is pulling a fast one trying to steal the thunder out from IDSA and IDEA. What do you think?

I notice there is nothing online about who the judges will be…

They will have Behar be a judge and also win most of the awards…

Ha! Too true.

What the hell happened to FastCo, it is used to be a professional site with a nice mix of business and design articles, then they changed the design to a horrible mess, and hired a bunch of bloggers to write about kickstarter capaigns and title every post “How this redifines everything we know” about any trivial BS.