hi, i have just started rendering cars.Although I get the form right but somehow am finding myselof weak in ‘shadows and highlights’. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me some links that could be helpful. I need to know how to use shadows and highlites to make a photorealistic (or a tleast aesthetically appealing) renderings.thanx

Don’t know if this is what your looking for but here’s some links:


It might help if you post where you are at.

hi yo,well i am a student of design in India.I am interested in consumer products in general but nowadays I am looking forward to sketching cars. I am good at perspective but am not able to find ‘my’ kinda style of car design renderings. I like AJAY JAIN’s work (hope you have heard abt him) and basically I am a great admirer of Luigi Colani, from whom I got interest in aerodynamic shapes. Please lemme know how can I pursue sketching and rendering aerodynamic shapes. Can it be a part of my portfolio? I mean in stead of cars only, I was thinking of a sketchbook called “a-e-r-o-d-y-n-a-m-i-q-u-e” in which I show my penchant for surfaces.Please inform me about your opinion.Thanx

@QWERTY: by “where you’re at?” I think Yo meant what your renderings look like now. Where you’re at in your skills.

just a thought.