SGS Verification of Compliance

Dear all,

I would like to know what piece of information from the SGS verification of compliance goes on the packaging of a product.

The verificaiton number or the Test Report number. Thank you all for your help.

(standard disclaimer, im some guy on the internet, I haven’t seen your product and could be talking bullshit. If it goes wrong you cannot blame me)

Im not sure i get what your asking as far as i know SGS dont do a service like UL with checking of report numbers. Even then im not sure it goes on the packaging.

Strictly speaking im not sure that you need to put SGS on your product. SGS is a good test house, they just test it for you to revelant standards. they may do their own test which you can put on there, but the value of this depends on the product used, where your using it etc.

The standards applied should tell you the information that you need to put on the product and you need to read them and prepare a check list of what to put on. They will tell you all the relevant numbers etc. Someone at company should know this (even if your small and being a scrapy insurgency doing it on a shoe string).

For a question like this phone SGS and ask. An internet person, who could be anyone could not be trusted. If it goes wrong i would want an email from an SGS rep sheilding my ass.

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your advice. CE XXXX, where XXXX represents the EU body to whom the certification of a product test is reported to for example you could have CE 0678 or CE 60825. The other information I was looking for was the modulation frequency which goes on the packaging right below CE XXX for some markets; like Europe and perhaps US as well - other markets may be a little flexible with this requirement on the packaging. Long story short;

Company Address

Company Address

Company Address

Figured to post this in case it may be of help. Thanks again!



Im guessing its Radio frequency stuff which i know not much about and you havent given the market.

Can i suggest another a simpler appoarch. Go to store. Look at similar product packaging, copy. BUT still ask SGS as well as its easier.

When my mind has cooled down i will have another look.