SF Art Academy or CCAC?

I graduated with a BS in Industrial Design about 3 years ago. I have had jobs as an architectural drafter, a design contractor, and a fantastic internship at Easton Bell Sports as a helmet designer. However, I have been struggling to land a steady design job in the SF bay area design community and have lately been considering these two grad schools in order to better develop my skills and find new job opportunities. It seems like Art Academy seems to align with what I’m trying to get out of grad school but it takes and average of three to four years (time not being as much an issue as cost)! I have also heard good things about CCAC, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice/insight about the two schools or even my approach to grad school in order to increase my opportunities of landing a job while becoming a better designer?

First, CCA.

Second, have you looked outside the bay area?