Sewing machine modification

Hello, If this is Off Topic, please move it there.

My mother acquired an extra Husqvarna Viking 6370 Machine for $5, dropped another $190 on service, and is giving it to me. This machine has a two speed motor so I can sew denim and canvas (why I want a machine), I learned to sew industrial things on a Juki , and I got very use to the clutch drive. Can I convert this Husky into a clutch drive machine? It would seem that it could be as easy as pulling out the motor and adding a belt drive to a heavier motor, and mount it into a commercial table. Also I want to run a walking foot, can I just buy this as an accessory?
Or is this 30 year old machine junk? Thanks

I don’t believe the rest of the machine is built to handle such a thing.