Setting up a combined experience design/research practice

Putting theory to the test…

I recently approached a well-established customer-satisfaction research company about setting up a pilot experience-design practice to complement their practice They’re very open. They work in the totality of designed experience, mostly in the physical realm, not online (although that counts some). So now it’s up to me to make things happen:

• First, I’m looking for advice from anyone else who’s been handed the same opportunity or even just thought about it.

• Second, if you’re an experience designer working in the larger realm of “touch points” and interested in building a loose affiliation to test the concept, please get in touch. Designers, strategists, ethnographers, and other relevant disciplines are welcome while we test the mix. This is a rare chance to make things happen for our new field.


Bob Jacobson, Ph.D.
Bluefire Consulting
Redwood City, CA (near SF)