Sessantuna by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina

Looks like it was designed by a 9th grader, made by a 5th grader, and painted by a 1st grader. It’s neither clever nor beautiful, and it probably costs a couple grand. What’s the point?

It’s Pecse and Cassina, Italian Design royalty. I don’t think the looks of it matter much here…

A bit odd of OP to not provide some background and ask for feedback based on 1 image with no back story. Even if it is complete BS :wink:

I was curious to see if I was missing the point, so I looked up more info on this:

The tables all go together like a jigsaw puzzle to form a map of Italy. If a student did this a final year project with American states, and painted them all red white and blue, would they get a degree?

Any idea on the type of material used?

Any idea on the type of material used?

" … each table is made from a series
of resins which are cast as the three colors of the italian national flag, through a process which allows
for random and intriguing blends that make each table an original work …

probably acrylic …

So, what happens when the wait staff gets the table out of order? Herzegovina? Anarchy? :open_mouth:

Funny how OP deleted his post and it looks like Scott created a thread just to vent…

Maybe I would have!

Yeah I was thinking the same about the material…but I don’t think you’ll ever see such table in a café :wink:

It is art. Not design.

It is art, not design… too bad it is not good as art either.

Is it really necessary to make a clear-cut distinction between art and design? Particularly in case of Italian design, which more often than not has blurred the boundaries.