Hello! I can’t believe it took me all these years to find this site! anyway, I have a couple of doubts…

First, I’m a huge car lover and wanted to do transportation design… but I was thinking ID might just make a little more sense because it would have a wider scope for jobs. Does it really help? Or will a specialized course such as transportation design offer equal job oppurtunities? And is there a big chance that a transportation designer can work in an ID based job and vice versa?

I am a mechanical engineer with no formal design experience, but I have been working on my portfolio… It has been very tough on me especially as I have no benchmarks or any kind of comparision… Looking at the portfolio of students from those schools is quite intimidating… Can anyone upload pics of the portfolio they submitted to get in to a good graduate design school like IED or coventry or any other famous school?

I’d be grateful to get any kind of guidance… thank you so much for your time!

Check out the corfolios on page.

The transportation industry is very VERY competitive. While an ID degree is fine, almost all of the transportation schools have direct connections with the car companies, and the connections can be nearly as important as having a great folio.

If you’re not heartset on transportation, then see if you can find a program that has both general ID/product design as well as transportation. Having both in one school may be a valuable asset if you chose to switch along the way.

coroflot has plenty of portfolios, and has lots of transportation specific portfolios.

Hi, Thanks so much for writing back! Will having a degree in ID and transport have a bad influence for an ID job in the future?

My current choices Design and Transport in Coventry, or Transportation in the European institute of design… The choice comes in to picture IF i get in… but anyway… the problem is though Coventry’s course description looks like it was custom made for me, it’s only 1 year long while IED is 2 years, the second being work experience.

Will the duration of the course be given a lot of importance in the future for jobs and stuff?