Sentio: Revolutionary Tactile Digital Watch

Hello all,

I have been developing Sentio: a tactile digital watch for the visually impaired for the past 8 months.

Sentio exhibits a mechanical digital display that raises the segments of the display rather than lighting them up; so that the time can be read through touch as well as sight!

I am currently in the evaluation stage of my project and would appreciate any comments and feedback that you have.

Please follow the link below to a website that explains all about Sentio and provides extensive visuals of its form. Please leave your feedback on the site so that I can further improve its design.

Many, many thanks for your input and time.


Matthew Wagerfield

looks pretty cool. i do wonder how it feels though (which might be important to the visually impaired as well), does it pinch arm hair? does it catch on clothing? snag knit fabrics?

even though it looks hot now–red anodization fades into weird sorta pink relatively quickly…or at least it does on bike parts.

nice work.


First off, awesome product. It is simply stunning visually.

I am a little doubtful how this would work for visually impaired people. Many visually impaired people read the time by touching the placement of the hands on the face with special braille watches that have exposed hands. This way it is easy to read both the minute and the hour:

There are also talking watches. For people with low vision, or partially impaired vision, they could use a high contrast solution that is also tactile.

Awesome design. Very beautiful. I would wear it! But, I would re-investigate the mechanism based on the intended user. If it is specifically for people with impaired vision, why not use the same mechanism with a true braille matrix?