Sensable's FreeForm Modeling

Haptic Feedback

Anyone have any experience with anything like this?

I “e-tended” a “Webinar” this morning and it seemed pretty awesome.
We are considering something like this to use in conjunction with solidworks and a 3-d scanner.

They had lots of claims of awesomeness, but i’d like hear some opinions from someone that isn’t trying to sell me something

We have two Synsable seats in my company. I have messed around on it myself, but have not created any real work with the system. Why not? I was not trained as a sculptor, so I have very little experience with clay. Using an analog-style input like this is fun, but without the practical knowledge about sculpting clay it wasn’t working for me too well.

There are two designers who like to use it, but I think they sketch ideas quickly on the system, but ultimately do the final model in Rhino or Solidworks, depending on how complex the piece.

One note - it’s wickedly cool to push a virtual trowel-thing into a virtual block of clay and have the armature “push back” at you. There were foam blocks and other cutting devices to play with too… I’m just not skilled enough to get the most of it.