Senior Thesis Research

Hello everyone! I would like to share my research presentation. I am designing a watch for my senior thesis.

At this point, my ideas to innovate a watch are not that strong. :frowning: Hopefully during winter break, I can find something clever to innovate my design.

PS … Slideshare doesn’t read well with transparency images, so some pages are off.

Thanks everyone!

It’s quick fun and to the point. I would use more sources then just one book. Over all good.

You had me up until the point where you added tumbler to a watch. Your entire presentation was making the case for personal expression through an object with a fixed function and then you made it a computer with the second to last slide. The watch is becoming like a sneaker, or a baseball cap. It may also have increased intelligence to talk to your mobile or even the cloud, but you haven’t made the case for that in your deck. If you were to do that I would start ith things like WIMM and the LunaTik and break down where you see those going.

I’m gonna agree with yo here. Early on, you make the case that watches are dying because smartphones are basically fulfilling their functionality. All of your ideas at the end are fulfilled by smartphones, too… aren’t you just setting yourself up for failure? All of those experiences are better with a smartphone than they could be on a tiny watch.

Yeah at this point I finally took a direction with deciding my idea is going to incorporate the role of friendship, emotion, and some how still remain fashionable.

So my solutions are definitely not great at this point. Thanks for pointing that out. Because no one called that out in my class after presenting. I would definitely look pass technology for this one.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feed back!

I like your deck a lot. It is fun and easy to read. Just make your solution goes with your story. Also, look at the kind of intelligence that fitbit and up have. Why not integrate a low power sensor hub if you are going to make the wristborne timepiece new? Plus with the display there you can acces the information without going to a second device. Perhaps the device can change in color based on how well you are meeting your goals. But you would have to make a case for something like that. Don’t forget to start designing right away! There is never enough design time. Don’t spin your wheels on the story, work both the story and the design at the same time. Let them inform each other.