Senior thesis project – Trippal

Hello all.

I wanted to post and share my latest project called Trippal. This here is my senior thesis project I worked on last year and I’m finally getting a chance to share with you all. The video depicts the idea of being able to connect with others while driving and pulled over using a system that comes up on your windshield while driving.

Any feedback would be helpful. I’m still continuing to work on this project but here is a demo to show what it would be like. The idea is focused solely on being a system to replaces the need to text and drive. Thanks for viewing. - Jay


Hey Jay

You might get some more feedback if you post up some process work. People tend to respond more to process+final output.

I thought the video was well done but it left me with a lot of questions, primarily how is this better than just using my phone? If I can only use the heads-up features when I am parked (which makes complete sense from a safety perspective) why not just use my phone to read and respond to text versus a secondary, potentially more clumsy interface?

The other features, all seem like things that already are coming standard in most new cars in terms of voice read texts, smart “apps”, and voice commands. If you’re going to keep pushing the project forward I would take some time to really think about what really differentiates this from what’s out there already. Maybe put some thought into the project technology, is there room to innovate there perhaps?

Good luck

I embedded the video in your post for you. People tend to not click off the site, so if the thread doesn’t contain the work, you get a lot less comments.

I would definitely recommend posting some process as Matt suggested.

Hey choto. Thanks for the feedback. I’m working my way into getting more acquainted with the community on here. Therefore, I really appreciate the comment on how to go about it in a more most admired fashion.

What Trippal does is filter out your incoming communication from an array of different sources. Such as your e-mail, text messages and potentially some social media channels. As opposed to to finding the right app / service on your smartphone and navigating different layouts. As well as filtering and governing who you get in touch with while you’re behind the wheel.

The video doesn’t depict everything noted above, but I did want to receive feedback about what wasn’t communicated succinctly.

It does make a lot more sense to embed. Moving forward I’ll keep this in mind. I will be following up with photos and documentation on how Trippal works. Thanks!

Trippal… Trip-all … do you mean Trip Pal? TripPal? As it reads now, Trippal sounds like an overgrown Inca temple complex in the Andes.

Just an observation. I’m sure appropriate graphics will refine the word.

Not necessarily. I’m aware of the creating an ambivalent vibe when it comes to mind, but it is to be pronounced just the same as “triple”. Thanks for your input @lmo