Senior Thesis Project Help

Hey everyone,

This is my senior year at Kendall and am working on my final thesis project. My project will include improving the user experience with pills. (prescription drugs, over the counter, vitamins, supplements, etc…)

I would appreciate if you could take a quick moment of your time to help me by completing this survey regarding taking pills. All entries are anonymous, so please answer to the best of your ability and as honestly as possible.

Here is the link:


done and done :{D

good luck man. as a pill-taker i am interested in the development of this project; so please, keep us updated :{D

Thanks a lot! Will do.


Great project. Good luck!

I have some experience with pharma and these are the biggest drivers I know.

  1. Drug identification - there are optic systems that can automatically ID a drug based on shape/markings/etc. Taking the wrong pill is the worst outcome.

  2. Drug interactions - Medscape has a nifty online application and I am certain you can buy an app for your iphone.

  3. Proper conditions - not only when you should take the medicine, but also on an empty/full stomach and timing with other medications.

  4. Proper dosing - taking half doses to make the medication stretch, discontinuing dosing before completion (most important with antibiotics)

Thanks for the info iab!

Bump… I am getting a lot of good info, keep it coming guys!