Senior Thesis: Parametric Prosthesis

Hi all,

I have always enjoyed reading the detail of in progress senior projects and thought I would get started on posting up some images now I am getting into mine.

My project is essentially to design an open source parametric prosthesis for below the knee amputees. I wish to leverage digital fabrication and design processes to address the highly laborious/ skilled labor prosthesis production process. While in addition explore generative design principles to allow the user to involve themselves in the design process.

I thought I would just dump the raw materials on you guys if anyone is interested in a flick through. So far I have collected a bunch of research and then generated a few design illustrations in response to this. They are pretty over done and just display some ideas. I would love some feedback on where I am now.

Moving on from here I am looking to collaborate with a prosthesis user and prove out the process with them, moving towards a final model. I have just received my Makerbot Replicator and started printing, here is a print of a 3d scan of my leg with 123D catch:

I am also working on a blog that should be up in a week or so that details this all a bit clearer. And can be a bit of a follow along thing.

Presentations here:

Concept Presentation:

Research Document:

Thanks! Hope you find it interesting.

Sorry that last link (the research document) should have been: