senior thesis brainstormin'

Hi all,
I’m looking for feedback (and maybe ideas) about a relevant ID senior thesis. I’ve seen good thesis projects and bad thesis projects, and the pressure is definitely on.

So far I have been thinking about…
-A bike maintenance kit/manual that you could get with your bike to understand and be equipped to properly care for your bike and avoid seasonal $50 tuneups. I know, in theory, this could take business away from the local bike shop, but I would argue that most of their cashflow comes from retail sales and repairs, not tuneups.

-A relevant solution to stopping the spread of bacteria (maybe just something to encourage hand washing…) I’m mostly inspired by hospital-acquired infections, which kill a whole bunch of people each year, but the swine flu makes this topic relevant too.

-A pie-mobile. This is perhaps a less-serious idea, but it would be a sort of ice-cream truck for selling pie. The idea is that it would encourage community engagement and spread joy. I’d design the inside of the van/truck, promotional materials, plates, etc. etc.

-I’m really interested in spreading design education so that people, in general, could be more conscious consumers. Again, I am not sure what form this would take…

Any thoughts/feedback/totally different ideas?? I’m all ears!

Here’s something that you could consider for the thesis: Make your thesis a business plan that could set up a company. It doesn’t have to be a system, it can be a single object, but you have to incorporate business thinking elements into your design. For example, your pie-mobile idea fits this criteria perfectly, although you will be competing with restaurants, kiosks and bagel shops, etc.

I like your solution for stopping the spread of bacteria. However, here’s another issue, British Design Coincil is already creating a number of solutions based on that topic. You could look for it in this website or google “design out bugs”. You always have to look how much are other institutions are investing into research for your topic. If they are investing a lot, chances are that they might create the same thing that you came up with before you ever publish it.

Hi there,
Personally, i really like your idea for the bicycle repair kit, i think its quite a cool idea for a senior thesis project, it’ll give you alot of room to play and design in different areas, which i enjoy, for instance you’ll obviously have the physical products inside the kit to play with, possibly even combine to minimise the amount of components, then you’ll have the instructional side of it, showing the user how to use the product ect, and then the packaging side of the product and other facets of it that will come along. I think im drawn to this idea because it offers the opportunity to completely design every side of the product, and come out at the end with something that is 100% ready for the marketplace, whereas possibly some of the other projects require a exorbitant amount of work in order for every detail to be designed to perfection, for instance, in the case of the pie-mobile, you could spend months designing a miniature oven or fridge and coming out with a fantastic design for it, but having absorbed so much time into it that other parts of the project suffer in the long run.

Just a few thoughts :slight_smile: feel free to completely ignore them :smiley: