Senior Design Project - Studio Space

Hey Everyone! I am an Industrial (Product) Design student, and I am in need of some help. For my senior thesis, I am designing a design firm’s studio space to encourage collaboration. Unfortunately, as a student, I don’t quite know what designers like to see in their professional workspace; I only know what students like in their workspace, so I would like to get some opinions.

Here are some of my prompting questions:

  1. How much space do you like to have as an individual designer and is this affected by whether or not you are working in a group?

  2. When it comes to working together, do you still want separate space (a desk in a cluster) or do you want to share a space (a giant table)?

  3. What would help encourage more collaboration on projects? In the case that you already collaborate a lot, do you think there is anything in the space that causes this (other than your boss)?

    Thank you for your help and opinions. If you have any other suggestions for or information about designing the space, your opinions are much appreciated.