sending ur design to oversea


i have a question.

if u want to send ur design to a well known firm and asked if they could commission your work. would u just send it via email and hope for the best?? or should u just treat it as a portfolio not knowing if they will reply…

thank you.

Most manufactures do not welcome unsolicited work. Most ID firms would not work free or commission the work themselves. However there are examples of the contrary. It depends on how good the idea is or how excited the firm gets from the product. Obviously you are not worried that some designer opening the letter will not borrow the form or idea for another product they are working on currently.

If your product idea is a high profile project an ID firm might take the project and finance it themselves for the free press it might generate. I would word your cover letter carefully and point out the pros.

And send it FedEX not by mail. You gain respect and force the designer to open it personally. Do some research and make some phone conversation first before you send the package too. You might consider hand written notes for personalizing the letter.

Another angle might be to get hired by the firm.

If you are sending a design to China (overseas from my perspective being in the US) then they are only likely to take the project if there is a purchase order in place from a merchant such as a major outlet chain or store.

Dear Bart,

Thank you for your comments and ways that I should approach the firm.

yes, its actually a dilemma for me when i am not sure how or where my design will end up (i guess every designer has the same feeling) especially when a firm has so many projects on hand and ideas could alway be altered.

btw if someone send a design to you, how would u like it to present? full blown 3d illustrations or sketches of ideas to begin with.

and as for copyrights, can i assume that all nations is bind by it with proof that it was send to the receiver.

and i am not sending to china or south east asia.

these are some other queries that I hope you or anyone can help answer.

thanks again

Hi Bart-


Hummm… I must know 40 people named jim that might lurk here. Might that be jim of droog skowl.


btw if someone send a design to you, how would u like it to present? full blown 3d illustrations or sketches of ideas to begin with.

Sketch is fine for those whom are accustom to looking at sketches. The photoshop / illustrator thing is more for the non-design eye of a manager or a buyer from home depot. The manager might be able to take in the sketch too but not the buyer from home depot.

If you want to get something produced a firm might take your sketches and mature them. They might also present the more mature sketches to a buyer to see what they think. Then you either got a Purchase Order or a nod. Usually you get the later. Then you go from the nod to engineering then back to the buyer… or investor. Most investors we are purvey to know night clubs. Alias and Pro/E makes their eyes water like accounting does to most designers. Basically they think your… “smart and all”. They just don’t know product design.

We are thinking of getting buyers from Home Depot to sponsor the next photoreal competition. Maybe we will see. We are trying to educate them with this stuff.

hi bart,

thanks for helping me out in this…really appreciated. actually i wish that i can work in europe even as an intern. hopefully some offer will comeout of this idea of mine.



oh and thanks for the link to droog… i will call them :slight_smile: